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Laser hair removal legs

Summer Hair Removal: Home or Pro Waxing to Ditch your Razor?

In Minnesota, the next couple months will only get hotter. Baring more skin means more time shaving your legs, bikini lines, and underarms. Are you surviving your razor burn? Are you tired of getting out in public and finding a stray hair or even whole section that you missed when… Read more »

Surviving Minneapolis Weather: Taking Care of your Skin in Humidity

As we finally turn the corner from winter to spring, Minnesotans know that we don’t have long before the humidity sets in. Yes, we are grateful for summer around here, but with it comes challenges in beauty and skincare. It’s uncomfortable enough to feel sweaty the instant you step outside;… Read more »

Halo skin laser review: One and done!

I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve tried injections, Skin Pen, facials, and chemical peels over the last year for pigmentation, scarring and and elasticity issues. But this past winter, with just one Halo skin laser treatment, I got the results of all of those procedures combined. They say… Read more »