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Product Review: IS Clinical Post-Procedure Faves

Despite having red hair and alabaster skin (no seriously, that’s legit the color name of my concealer – fun!), I have recently come to terms with having sensitive skin. This realization has changed a lot of things for me. It means I use far fewer products on the whole, and… Read more »

SkinPen Results: Amazing for acne scars

I remember looking into the mirror and thinking, “Can I get a do over?” It was like all those years of being careless with my face were staring back at me. Despite at least a year of cosmetic binges, it was clear I needed to do something about the grayish… Read more »

What’s Really Causing your Oily Skin? 8 Reasons you’re Shiny

Before you run out to try yet another solution for oily skin, stop and read these 8 main causes. For some of us, oily skin is a major problem. It’s inconvenient at best, and downright embarrassing at worst. We will try anything from blotting to 3-times-a-day washing if we think… Read more »