Get your Skin Beach Ready from Head to Toe

How you can make your skin smooth, clear, and silky in time to show off at the beach this summer.  

Warmer weather has graced us, and we know what that means. It’s almost time to hit the beach. Is your skin ready for its swimsuit debut? There’s a lot you can do – both on your own and with the help of professionals – to give you soft, smooth, radiant skin that you’re proud to show off.


You’re going from the dry, dull depths of winter skin into the glowy, hydrated peaks of summer skin. This requires adequate sloughing. When old skin cells accumulate on the surface, skin looks dull and dry. Exfoliation brightens your skin and makes it silky smooth.

You can exfoliate your body with plenty of household ingredients, including sea salt, sugar, brown sugar, ground coffee (used!), and baking soda. Choose finer granules for your face, like baking soda, and be gentle. You can be more aggressive on your limbs and feet. Mix larger granules with extra virgin olive oil. Quick tip: if you’re doing this is in the shower, choose something that dissolves fast for easy cleanup. Be sure to apply lotion after the exfoliation.

If you need deeper exfoliation for acne scars, fine hair, or fine lines, you’ll want to recruit the help of something that goes a little deeper. This can include products that chemically exfoliate or even dermaplaning.

Peels, or chemical peels, can be administered at a light or deep level. Even the light level minimizes the appearance of acne, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Heavy peels are appropriate for severe wrinkles, scarring, or sun damage. You should always consult a professional for a chemical peel.

Dermaplaning is administered through a tool that safely, non-invasively removes the dead skin cells to smooth skin and remove “peach fuzz.” Only a professional can perform this service. You can request this as a standalone treatment or prior to other skin treatments at medical spas.

Bigger Issues

Some of us just need a tune-up for our skin while others desire more significant changes. Stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles can make the most confident woman self-conscious. If exfoliation isn’t the right approach to your issue, micro needling might be the answer.

Skin pens perform non-painful, yet more aggressive therapy to the skin to minimize the appearance of those severe wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. The treatment also minimizes pores, giving you an overall boost to your complexion.

Whether you simply want the right products for your skin care or you’re ready to remove signs of aging, Urban Retreat will get you to your goal. We offer facials, peels, and micro needling as well as a variety of other services as simple as waxing and complex as laser therapy. Whatever you need for beautiful skin, we can provide it. Come see what a difference it makes to love your skin.