How to Safely Remove Acne Scars Quickly

If you’re an adult with acne scars, you probably feel like you drew an unfairly short stick when it comes to skin genetics. You survived an adolescence that made you self-consciously obsessed with acne. Whether you saw a dermatologist or stockpiled Clearasil, your skin’s appearance was a concern every single day. It may have even felt like acne was ruining your life. You longed for the day your skin stopped breaking out and probably wondered if it would ever happen.

Then it did happen. You stopped breaking out. Yet rather than finally get to enjoy beautifully clear, radiant skin, you’re left with a reminder of your struggle. Is this a permanent condition you have to live with?

No. It isn’t. You can have the beautiful skin you’ve fantasized about, and you can get it quickly, affordably, and without plastic surgery.

Dermaplaning is a safe technique with little to no recovery time. It is performed by a licensed technician, and you can receive the treatment at medical spas. Your practitioner will use a device called a dermatome to evenly “skim” off dead surface layers that surround craters and scars. It is painless, and depending on the surface area you want treated, can be done in a few minutes to an hour.

Word of Caution: 

It also removes “peach fuzz” hair and is therefore not recommended for clients who still experience acne breakouts. Removing this hair can trigger a flare up, so those actively caring for acne will want to consult a professional for a better treatment plan.

Dermaplaning can be done with or without chemicals. Chemicals do enhance the effects, but your skin may experience redness, peeling, and/or swelling for a few days. The after-effects of dermaplaning alone are minimal, and the procedure can be used to quickly improve your skin’s appearance before a big event.

That’s right: you can improve the appearance of your skin before your big date or event with one treatment!

You still want to consult with a technician at least a week before your big day, however. He or she can assess your skin and your desired effects to give you ideal recommendations and tell you what you can expect from the treatment. Severe acne scars will require future appointments.

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