Men Can Benefit From Skin Treatments, Too

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you don’t want to look young and healthy. You’re checking out your fine lines and wrinkles in the mirror just like women. You might even have body hair you’re tired of dealing with. We are humans, and we want to look good.  Yet while women can waltz into any spa without batting an eye, men often don’t feel comfortable sauntering into a frilly lobby covered in purple stuff that smells like, I don’t know, flowers or feelings or whatever it is women like. So you don’t go. Yet if you did, you’d feel like a new man.

Good news, gentlemen: it doesn’t have to be quite so effeminate.

Medical spas aren’t regular lady-havens like regular spas. Medical spas have lasers. You heard me. Lasers. They also have all sorts of other cool instruments and equipment designed to effectively get your skin health back into the shape it was in years ago. Think of it as a workout for the integumentary system. At the end of your session, you look and feel awesome. A lot of men are trying this, and they are loving it.

So what kinds of services do men get at a medical spa?

A lot of men opt for laser hair removal. Being hairy is nothing for a man to be ashamed of, but let’s be honest. It can be more of a hassle (and eyesore) than you can ignore. If you’re trying to shave your chest or back, you’re dedicating a lot of time to get this done, and you need to recruit help. Getting your hair removed with a laser means you don’t have to deal with all that anymore. While you will feel a physical sensation as the laser does its job, it is not the excruciatingly painful experience that is waxing. (However, if you want to power through the pain, a med spa can hook you up with body waxing, too.)

A ton of men are also getting on board with Botox and other skin correction treatments. This isn’t like going under the knife for a face lift or “getting work done.” A lot of the treatments stimulate the collagen and elastin that is in your skin so that it firms up on its own. You can take care of everything from fine lines to sun damage to rosacea. Years of sun exposure, stress, and good ole aging can be corrected with a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with.

There’s no reason you can’t get better looking with age. If you want to keep your face and body looking its best, you can’t neglect your skin. Talk to one of our experts about what’s right for you: 952-974-7858;