SkinPen Treatment: What it is & What it does

Welcome back Urban Retreaters! As you probably know, we take skincare very seriously here and provide the best treatments on the market to help improve any and all of skincare needs or concerns. One of those treatments that we absolutely swear by and love is the SkinPen treatment.
YoSkinPen before and afteru’re probably wondering what is a SkinPen and how is it going to benefit me? Well, luckily we are going to being talking about that today.
The SkinPen is a device that uses tiny microscopic needles that are vertically applied to the skin in a vibrating pattern. The microscopic needles penetrate into your skin to trigger your body’s own injury response to rejuvenate and repair the skin.
The best part of this treatment, is that it can be used on a wide range of skin concerns. We’ve seen this treatment have amazing results for acne scaring, rough and discolored skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, large pores, so on. Basically, the SkinPen is great for a wide range of skin concerns.
We came up with a FAQ about the treatment and we hope this will help some unanswered questions.

How long does the procedure take and will it hurt?
The procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes depending on the treatment area. We do provide a numbing agent before the treatment which will provide a more comfortable experience.

What is the downtime and are there post care instructions?
typically clients will see some redness/pinkness for about 24 hours after the treatment. It is extremely important to NOT use any facial products or make up for at least 48 hours after the treatment. We provide our clients with a post procedure kit to use during that 48 hour period. Your skincare professional will discuss product protocols and other aftercare instructions.

How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments are usually determined by our skincare professionals. Majority of clients receive a series of 3 treatments. We may recommend more than 3 treatments depending on the severity of your skin concerns.

We hope this will help answer any questions out there. And remember that we are always here to help with your skin care needs/concerns.

Thanks for stopping by!