Tried Everything to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

If you’re like most of the population, you have stretch marks somewhere. Even adolescents get stretch marks because they’re a result of changing size quickly, whether that’s from gaining weight, losing weight, or experiencing a growth spurt. The bigger the change your body made, the worse the stretch marks. If you’ve tried every home remedy, folk lore, and over-the-counter product to get rid of them with no results, take solace in this: those solutions don’t really work for anyone.

Here’s why:

Abnormal stretching “breaks” the support structure of collagen and elastin. When you can see curled ends beneath the skin, those are bands of broken elastin. These are basically scars that formed from the inside out.

It is pretty darn hard to repair elastin, especially at that depth. So methods like massage therapy, cocoa butter, vitamin E, or stretch mark creams can’t really reach beyond what any other topical method would achieve: surface-level impact.

Some solutions:

There are some more aggressive treatments available if you’re really ready improve the appearance of your stretch marks. Just be sure to talk to a qualified professional about your options as well as get evidence of results for any treatment you’re considering.

For example, derma rollers and microdermabrasion have been go-to alternatives for stretch mark repair, but experts warn that these are not the most effective therapies. Derma Rollers don’t generate new elastin, and they can damage skin. Microdermabrasion does help the appearance of the stretch marks, but often with aggressive (and expensive) treatment.

Better solutions:

The best ways to combat stretch marks are with advanced treatments like laser treatments or chemical peels. You’re looking at a higher cost than some of your other options, but also more definite and lasting results. This definitely brings you into an office of qualified practitioners to be able to assess your skin and goals to find the best treatment plan for you. At Urban Retreat Med Spa in Minneapolis, we take a caring and holistic approach to your skin’s health. We understand your struggles and want to ensure you receive the services that will make you look and feel your absolute best. Our practitioners will give you an honest explanation of what our services can do, and exactly what to expect. The choice is yours.

If you’re agonizing over your stretch marks, it’s time to see if professional skin care is right for you. To talk to one of our experts or set up an appointment, call 952-974-7858 or email