What’s the Difference Between Consumer and Professional Beauty Products?

The market for skincare today is huge. With the advancements in product formulas over the years, consumers feel like they have access to some pretty sophisticated skin treatments. There has also been an explosion in professional care lines sold exclusively to licensed experts. Why would someone choose to spend the extra money on a “salon” brand when there are so many other options?

Let’s break down what the difference is between the two kinds of products.

For the most part, skincare products contain the same active ingredients. The percentage of bioactive ingredients varies between consumer and professional products, as does the pH. Additionally, some of the higher-end products may contain natural ingredients believed to benefit the health of your skin. The biggest difference remains the composition of the active ingredients, though, so let’s look at that.

When skincare products are mass produced to sell at your local retailer, the concentration of active ingredients is barely enough to have any sort of an impact on your skin. The products aren’t really even formulated to penetrate the outer layer. These products are not regulated, and since consumers are basically self-diagnosing, the contents have to be portioned not to irritate the skin, too. The bottom line is that there isn’t enough of the good stuff to actually benefit you in these big-batch products.

Of course, you’ve been told otherwise with clever marketing. The FDA doesn’t regulate these products, so there is no scientific evidence that these products work. Phrases like “Dermatologist Recommended” or “Clinically Proven” mean nothing. They don’t legally have to mean anything. Look at the ingredient list on the package. If the active ingredient is listed fifth or later, it makes up only a fraction of the formula.

On the other hand, the products you would buy through your aesthetician or other skin technician have supported evidence of being superior to other retail brands. When you see a higher percentage of active ingredients, you’re getting a product that is backed by scientific data and likely founded by a physician or other credible professional.

With a more potent solution, it is important that a trained expert advises you on using it. That is another benefit of going somewhere like a med-spa. A technician can assess your skin so that you get the exact blend of treatments that will work on your skin type to achieve your skincare goals. The combination of seeking expert advice along with using professional-grade products is the safest, most efficient way to manage your skin needs.

If you want to make a difference in the health of your skin, be it now or in the future, take proper care of it. With the right approach, you can improve or maintain beautiful skin for years to come. In Minneapolis, you’ll find experts who care at Urban Retreat. We have the people, equipment, and products to give you a holistically safe and effective approach to gorgeous skin. Contact us today: 952-974-7858; contact@urbanretreatmn.com